Here you will find recipes past down from generations before me and quite a few new ones I have found along the way. When possible I will add a story that goes along with them.

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Aid cooling bands from diapers

I hear your question..."What the heck does this have to do with cooking?" 
The answer...wait for it...wait for it....Nuffin'!
That's right Nuffin', but I had to put the instructions up quickly for a fire fighter and this was the quickest way.
Oh well, maybe while trying to run back n forth to read the recipes on my sight and cooking you will get over heated and need one!
Cut the blue center out of the diapers. See the photo, just trim the center out.
I was a welder and used the company issued ones, but they were so small they dried out very quickly. This one will last much longer as it is thicker!

Center is all that is needed as that is where the crystal/gel is 
Roll up the core and put into the sock right in the middle

Rubber band both ends or secure with a shoe string leaving both ends long for tying to secure around neck

Soak in cold water. It is ready in minutes rather then the longer time needed for the cool bandannas that take much longer.
I made this one in about 3 minutes and soaked it for about 3.

This could be done with the diaper core rolled into a bandanna just as easy.